‘Ten for Tenovus’


In October, we hosted a lovely event for the London Friends of Tenovus at our shop. With our strong connection with Wales, we at It’s All Greek are delighted to announce this initiative – Ten for Tenovus.

This is how we hope it will work!

  • 10% of purchases made by London Friends of Tenovus will be donated to the charity – starting now and going on until 31st December 2014
  • Quote ‘Ten for Tenovus’ either at the shop, by phone, or in ‘additional order information’ on our website
  • In addition, each London Friend of Tenovus can pass on this benefit to Ten others. They too would need to quote ‘Ten for Tenovus’ and the name of the Friend. Friends of Tenovus may, if they wish, let us know the names of their ‘beneficiaries’

We hope you will help us to raise money to support this wonderful charity. Any questions, contact us.

Diolch yn fawr! Rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at eich croesawu i’r siop.


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