Omicron prepares for Hallowe’en!

Hello everyone! I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to, preparing for Hallowe’en tomorrow! I had so much fun helping Lauren carve a pumpkin for the shop!


It was quite difficult scooping out the pumpkin seed, but luckily I’m only a little owl so I could really get my wings into it!


I hope you like our helmet pumpkin! It’s not very scary, but makes a great foot rest!


This was the really tricky bit, but I think it looks a treat! What do you think?


This was my job, I hope you think it looks like a real calyx-krater!

(I have a feeling that stupid bat is back again… If I ignore him he might just go away.)


…This is the helmet we chose to copy!


Right. That’s it. I’ve had enough of this bat. He’s been pestering me all week!


Hah! He can’t get at me in here, and I’ve got my Minoan aunt on my side.


Hello everyone! My name is Bryn the bat! I wanted to go in the pumpkin too, like Omicron!

I’ve been trying to make friends with him, although I think he’s ignoring me. Maybe If I bring him some chocolate?


It worked!


I think we ate too many… I hope the girls don’t find out!


Oh dear, we were caught in mid chocolate! We’ve been told off BIG TIME.

We have to sit still in the window like this all day (would you believe it?) AND the chocolates are right behind us and we can’t have any! (a bit like Tantalus, isn’t it?!


…two hours later and we’re still here.

Love, Omicron (and Bryn!) x

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