Out and about from It’s All Greek!

You wouldn’t believe it, but I do occasionally get to go out of the shop! It’s always so busy and I’ve had so much to learn, but it’s also been great fun meeting people.

First of all there was an Actors of Dionysus event at Europe House, so I finally got to meet Tamsin and David!

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Then Elinor took me to see Teli at Konaki – it’s a lovely Greek Restaurant on Coptic Street – only two streets away from us at It’s All Greek.  They have a really big olive tree in the courtyard there, which made me feel very at home!

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More food………the next week, I went all the way to The Real Greek (opposite the Hellenic Centre) on Paddingon Street. It’s a really lovely place. I couldn’t really eat much, but they made a big fuss of me as well! Then on to the Life Goddess on Store Street to see Nikos again! I need a rest!

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Then a little trip round London……..can you recognise where I am?

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Finally, a trip to Cardiff! I missed the Olympic Games in London in 2012 because I wasn’t born then, but all around the station in Cardiff were these huge posters! They reminded me of things we have at the shop! (I didn’t understand the Welsh, though, as they weren’t everyday words…)

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That’s it for now!  Love, Omicron x

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