Patterns of Magnificence : February 2013

Sumptuous textures, glorious colours and exquisite embroidery. ‘Patterns of Magnificence: Tradition and Reinvention in Greek Women’s Costume’ : a superb exhibition at the Hellenic Centre in London.

Over 40 superb and rarely exhibited originals from the 18th-20th centuries were brought to London. Many for the first time. They included the sumptuous brocaded dress from Ioannina in Epirus and the richly embroidered costume from Astypalaia in the Dodecanese. There was also the court dress of the first queen of the independent Greek state, Amalia of Oldenburg, and that of her successor Olga from the end of the nineteenth century.

The curator of the exhibition was Ioanna Papantoniou, the expert fashion historian and founder of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in Nafplio, from which all but two of the costumes were brought over to London. The other two were lent by the Benaki Museum in Athens and the dolls were lent by the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Athens.  The exhibition itself was designed by Stamatis Zannos.

Elinor Wynne Lloyd represented It’s All Greek at the official opening of the exhibition and took this gallery of photographs.


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