Omicron goes to Athens

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to go to to Athens with Lauren’s university study trip! It was AMAZING. I hadn’t been back for a few months, so it was really lovely to see everyone again. Athena was very welcoming and was glad to hear that things were working out better at It’s All Greek than they had with my work experience with Hephaistos (if you want to find out more about how It’s All Greek rescued me from all that, click here!!!)

I had to buy some special sunglasses….








Here’s a picture of me, all ready to go! It took me quite a while to persuade this frisky horse to take me…..but in the end, we went in an aeroplane … how exciting!







On the first day, we went to the Akropolis. I absolutely love it there. The Parthenon is still covered in scaffolding, but they are really making progress now. You’re not really allowed in there (unless you’re a student of Classics, so Lauren was ok!) but of course I managed to fly around a bit.









Opposite the Parthenon, on the north side, is another favourite of mine. It’s a complicated little building called the Erechtheion. (Erechtheus was a legendary king of Athens). It was apparently built where Poseidon and Athena had that famous contest to see which one of them would be given the job of looking after Athens. As you know, Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and up came a spring of water. Athena (being much more intelligent of course!) decided to give the city the gift of an olive tree. She won the contest (which is why Athens is called Athens!) You can still see the tree!







Those Karyatids aren’t quite as talkative as the girls at It’s All Greek, which made me feel a bit homesick! I found out something new, though. The ones on the building aren’t the original ones. They are casts. Really good aren’t they! There’s actually an original one in the British Museum, which I’ll go and have a look at when I get back. She’s the one that would have stood second from the left on the front. The other five are in the new Akropolis Museum.







This is me catching some rays while everyone else is visiting the Akropolis Museum. I can easily fly over and meet them there later. They don’t like people flying about in there.  In the background you can see Mount Lykavitos (or Lycabettus if you like) – there’s a tiny little monastery up there but that’s for another time.

I’m looking forward to going home to London soon!   Love, Omicron x

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