Customer stories: A Christmas Marathon Youth!

The Marathon Youth’s mission…to arrive in time for Christmas!

Museum replica of Ancient Greek bronze statue of the Marathon Youth for sale at

Dear Alistair,

Thank you for your order! All received! Thank you!

I’ll add him to our existing order for delivery from Greece in early December delivery and will keep in touch with you nearer the time! Best wishes from London, Elinor

Hi Elinor, It’s a miracle that I ever reached a decision to buy the Marathon Youth! He will fit nicely in an alcove by my fireplace. Because he’s bronze I shalln’t need to paint the alcove, which would have looked odd. Best wishes Alastair

Hello! Just to reassure you that we haven’t forgotten about you! Our delivery is due to arrive from Greece (about two weeks later than scheduled…) on Tuesday next week. The plan is to unpack and repack him and get him out to you to Scotland before Christmas! I’ll be in touch next week. Best wishes Elinor

Hi Elinor, Many thanks for your e-mail. Greek Ephebes are probably as relaxed about time as their British counterparts! Best wishes, Alastair

(December 22nd!) Good afternoon Alastair! Well, we unpacked him this afternoon! GORGEOUS!!! Of course he was in the 29th of 31 boxes! He is packed up ready to be collected tomorrow so will be with you on Friday! Is anyone there to sign for him? Shall we ask for pre 12.30 lunchtime delivery? Least we can do! I’m anxious you get him before the weekend!…Sorry for all the exclamation marks – a weakness of mine, plus I am excited we just made it in time! Elinor

Hi Elinor, Hurrah! I’ll make sure that I stay in on Friday until the Ephebe arrives. It might be worth letting his chauffeur know that my house is next to the post office. Best wishes, Alastair

Hello Alastair, He was booked into a ‘pre-noon’ delivery….I am a bit anxious here, biting nails!, but know you will let me know asap as soon as you’ve unpacked him! He’ll be a bit cold, I suspect! Elinor

Hi Elinor, Sorry about the finger nails! He arrived at 9.15, and was a bit chilly. He’s now warming himself by the fire, looking lovely.

FANTASTIC!! I’m so relived. And glad he is warming up nicely! Have a happy Christmas Alastair. Elinor.

Phew, time for a glass of mulled wine…..! Thank you!!!

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