Customer stories: A birthday Augustus!

A marble Augustus had to be part of a customer’s birthday celebrations!


Hello there! A swift enquiry as to the status of the Augustus Caesar bust (as a youth) which is currently marked on the website as ‘out of stock’. Do you have an estimated wait for availability on this item please? Best regards, Simon

Dear Simon, We hope to have Augustus back with us with the next 2-3 weeks. We will of course let you know when we receive him. Best wishes, Louise

Dear Louise, That is marvellous to hear, I am dearly hoping to acquire this bust as I have long admired it, and have an empty alcove eagerly awaiting it! I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Best regards, Simon

(Simon visited It’s All Greek on a trip to London the following week)Hello Simon, It was nice to meet you on Saturday! Am awaiting his ‘eta’ and will let you know as soon as I hear anything: I am 99% confident that he will be adorning your home on the 10th, so worry not! Elinor

Hi again Elinor, Was lovely to meet you too, and you have a fantastic shop. If only I had more pennies saved up I could have gone crazy and bought all sorts! Thanks again for keeping me updated, I am keeping my fingers crossed!(a week later) Dear Louise, Any sign of good old Augustus yet? Best regards, Simon

Dear Simon, Good news! We are expecting Augustus on Wednesday, he will be ready to leave here on Thursday, for delivery to you on Friday the 10th. I hope that this suits you and there will be someone at your end to receive him. If this is awkward for you, do let us know. We hope you like him! Best wishes, Louise

Dear Louise, That is BRILLIANT news!!! It’s my birthday today, so I couldn’t have asked for better timing of such good news! Would you be able to give me a call on Wednesday on my mobile and we can arrange payment etc? I can arrange to work from home on Friday to receive him! Thank you so much! Best regards, Simon

Dear Simon, Happy Birthday! That was rather good timing! I will be here on Wednesday and will call as soon as he comes in. Until then, have a lovely day! Best wishes Louise

Hi Louise, Excellent, thank you so much! Do you use a particular courier or Royal Mail special Delivery? Can they specify a time slot in the day, so I know when especially to listen out for the courier? (I live on the top floor of a big-ish house!) Cheers, Simon

Hello Simon, Augustus is a little big and heavy for normal mail. I will talk to Elinor tomorrow what the best method of delivery will be, then I can hopefully give you some idea of arrival time! Louise


Hi again Louise, Brilliant, I really appreciate it! So excited to be getting this bust at last! Thanks again, Happy for you to call whenever is convenient today to arrange it all! I did have a lovely evening, and then a day off work yesterday (which is never bad!!). Looking forward to hearing from you later, All the best, Simon

(phone call from us next, to discuss the delivery arrangements!)

Hi Louise, It was lovely to chat to you on the phone – thought you might like to see the spot I have reserved for Octavian himself! Can’t wait to see what he looks like in person! Now just have to hope he isn’t used as a battering ram by the courier 😉 or that no-one gets too drunk at my birthday party!! Cheers, Simon.

Hello Simon, Excellent spot, he will look very imposing! We have just finished packing him up, hope you don’t have to wait too long to see him on Friday. Best wishes, Louise

Hi again Louise, Hehe I am glad you approve! Thanks for letting me know, a quick question do you have a tracking no. or name/contact no. for the couriers? Just thought it might come in handy for tomorrow! Will drop you a line once safely received! Best regards, Simon

Good morning, Simon! This is all very exciting! We’re just waiting for him to be collected. I’ve written an enormous label on the front (in addition to the shipping document) explaining it is a birthday gift, that the house is large, to phone your mobile and to give you time to come downstairs! We use SBS Worldwide and it depends on where they deliver as to whether they use UPS/TNT or DHL: we have our own tracking number but it isn’t much use to you, BUT, if he hasn’t arrived by noon tomorrow, email us and we’ll chase him up! All digits crossed! Elinor

It is very exciting indeed! Thank you so much, all sounds brilliant just a case of crossing my own fingers and waiting patiently now! Will keep you updated! Simon

(11am Friday!) Hi Elinor/Louise, No sign of the man himself yet perhaps you could give the couriers a gentle nudge?! 🙂 Cheers, Si

Good morning, expectant Simon! I’ve just rung to ask if they would let me know ‘status’ – as he wasn’t booked in on a ‘before 1pm’ they reminded me of that, but they’ll double-check anyway and get back to me asap! Elinor


Thanks Elinor, Will keep you posted this end! My eyes and ears are proverbially peeled!

Debbie just rang from SBS to say estimated delivery time between 3-4pm. Apparently some snowfall last night so a couple of hours later than anticipated.I know you’ll alert us! Louise isn’t here today but sent me a text to let her know!! Elinor

Brill brill, the anticipation is killing me!Thank you again,Simon

(an hour later!) Hello hello! He has arrived and has been unpacked at the speed of light!! Thank you both SO much for my little surprise present it was very kind and thoughtful of you! Thank you again for all the help and wonderful service, I will be back when money (and space!!) allow! (some images of Augustus ‘in situ’ then followed!) Hope the quick snaps came through ok? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Once again! You’ve been so lovely and helpful. Simon

Oh WOW!!!! He looks fantastic! I hope you can perhaps put ‘mini-me’ in the bathroom!! It’s been a pleasure. Have a great evening tomorrow and we’ll see you soon when you’re next in London, I hope! Best wishes from us both – I’ll text Louise with the good news before I close. Elinor

Hi Elinor and Louise, Hope you both had a lovely weekend! The party went well on Friday and Augustus was admired by all (and not knocked over in drunken fashion!) I think I will bring mini Augustus in to work with me ti brighten up my desk a little bit! Will definitely pop in next time I am down – would love to have a longer look in the shop! Here is one last picture showing him in place! Am so pleased – it’s a snug fit but it makes me chuckle as it looks like he is having to stoop slightly to fit in!! Thank you again S

Lovely, Simon, thank you!! We’re glad you enjoyed your party and that he was admired! An ‘august’ presence among revelry! We look forward to seeing you at the shop again, Best wishes from us both, Elinor



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