Omicron arrives at It’s All Greek!

11th April 2013 

Omicron writing his first Newsbyte for It's All Greek!

Omicron writing his first Newsbyte for It’s All Greek!

Hello! Omicron here! I’ve been here at It’s All Greek for a week now, so I thought it was time I introduced myself to you. (I’m called Omicron, by the way, because I’m only a little owl).

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing at It’s All Greek in the first place! Well, Athena decided I could do with some work experience so she sent me to Hephaistos’ forge. I quickly decided it was far too noisy, too dark and, frankly, not very interesting, so I flew away to find somewhere else.

I arrived in Bloomsbury the day before Easter last weekend. The first thing I saw was this amazing shop, which made me feel at home straight away. (Great name, don’t you think?) I was given a huge welcome – apparently, a Greek shop is not a Greek shop without a resident owl. Anyway, I loved it so much I asked if I could stay and they all said ‘Yes’!! So here I am.

My first full day here was last Sunday – Easter Day. I was asked to make sure that none of the daffodils opened too early…quite a job. Here is a picture of me on a little gift bag I found, with one of the daffodils. I hope you like it.

One of my first jobs was to make an Easter ‘post’ on Facebook. It was a bit scary as I’ve never done anything like this before, but I did it and some people ‘liked’ it so I did some more! I even put a picture of me in the snow on Thursday if you want to have a look.

The staff are really lovely here. There’s always so much going on with customers, the website, packing and unpacking, taking pictures. It’s exhausting just watching them! I sometimes have a secret little sleep in the afternoon but don’t tell them!

When we’re closed and the staff have gone home, it’s my job to keep an eye on everybody. It’s the only time when I really have a chance to have a proper look round. So much to learn! So many books to read and lots of information cards about everything. There’s even one about the significance of the owl!! That’s me!!

I’m very excited because from now on I’ll be in charge of doing most of these little ‘news bytes’. I’m sure you’ll agree this is probably just as well, as the staff here are (between you and me..) VERY behind with them!

Love, Omicron x

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