It’s All Greek: how it all began

It’s All Greek is the brainchild of Elinor Wynne Lloyd. Her parents, Dilys and Wynne, took her to Greece when she was only 12 years old and that is where her love of Greece began. Welsh-speaking Elinor is an Oxford graduate in and a professional teacher of Classics.

After twenty years of teaching at Queen’s Gate School in London and independently in her own teaching business ‘Locus Classicus’, she has been running the business full-time since moving to premises in Bloomsbury in 2003.

Elinor with her parents in Athens in 2003

Elinor with her parents, Wynne and Dilys Lloyd in Athens in 2003.

(in the photograph: Dilys, Wynne and Elinor in Athens in 2003. Dil died in 2005 and Wynne in 2010 but their inspiration lives on in Elinor and It’s All Greek.)

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