It’s All Greek welcomes London Friends of Tenovus


It’s All Greek welcomes London Friends of Tenovus on 13th October.

On Monday 13th October, we at It’s All Greek were delighted to host a fundraising evening for London Friends of Tenovus. We have strong connections with Wales and with Tenovus and are keen to continue our support. The wine for the event was provided by Domaine Gayda and the delicious spread by The Life Goddess.

Tenovus is a leading Welsh cancer charity, established by 10 Welsh businessmen in 1943.

The Ten founders of Tenovus.

The Ten who founded the Welsh cancer charity Tenovus in 1943.

In the 1960s, Tenovus built the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research in Cardiff, which carried out vital research into the causes of cancer. Scientists there developed the use of Tamoxifen, now used worldwide for the treatment of breast cancer, and Zoladex, which treats prostate cancer.

Tenovus has a system of support services to help cancer patients and their families when they need it most, including a Freephone Cancer Support Line open all hours, a Mobile Cancer Support Unit and a Man Van.

Tenovus celebrated its 70th birthday in 2013. Patrons and supporters include HRH the Princess Royal, Rob Brydon, Wynne Evans, Catrin Finch, Connie Fisher and Sian Lloyd.

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