About us

Welcome to It’s All Greek’s WordPress site. Visit our online shop www.itsallgreek.co.uk

We have been based in the heart of London’s historic Bloomsbury since our first shop in 2003 – three years on Bury Place, and then nine years on Great Russell Street. In October 2015 we moved to our lovely new shop at 25a Museum Street!

We specialise in fine replicas of ancient Greek art and jewellery and we work exclusively with small, family businesses like our own. Our product range comes from a team of over fifteen such companies: currently 12 in Greece and 5 in the UK. Nothing is mass-produced.

Our aims are to nurture enthusiasm for the spirit and art of ancient Greece, to promote the excellent products of our suppliers and to provide our customers with the best possible quality and service. It’s All Greek has established an extensive network of customers all over the world.

We have supplied our products to motion pictures ‘Troy’, ‘Alexander’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’, as well as to television documentaries, magazine photo shoots, schools and education services, restaurants and museum shops, including the National Museums of Scotland, the Ashmolean Museum and the Fitzwilliam Museum. We have been featured in ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ’25 Beautiful Homes’, ‘The World of Interiors’ and ‘Elle Decoration’.

Currently, we are working with the Greek & Roman Department at Blackwell’s bookshop in Oxford, with the Greek & Roman Department at Heffer’s bookshop in Cambridge and with the Cambridge University Museums shop on King’s Parade.

We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to seeing you in Bloomsbury!

Elinor and Team IAG

Team IAG

The core team consists of Elinor, Lauren and Louise. Alexandra and Hayley come occasionally when their other commitments allow.

When you visit us in Bloomsbury, you will usually meet a combination of any two of us at any one time! Each of us has a background in Classics from some stage in our education.

Thank you to everyone who has at some time in the last 15 years sailed with us for a while: Jasmine, Megan, Caroline, Alexis, Camila, Christine, Kate, Ana, Philippa, Konrad, Liam, Nicola, Andrew and Jack.

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How it all started

It’s All Greek is the brainchild of Elinor Wynne Lloyd. Her parents, Dilys and Wynne, took her to Greece when she was only 12 years old and that is where her love of Greece began. Welsh-speaking Elinor is an Oxford graduate in and a professional teacher of Classics.

After twenty years of teaching at Queen’s Gate School in London and independently in her own teaching business ‘Locus Classicus’, she has been running the business full-time since moving to premises in Bloomsbury in 2003.

Elinor with her parents in Athens in 2003

Elinor with her parents, Wynne and Dilys Lloyd in Athens in 2003.

(in the photograph: Dilys, Wynne and Elinor in Athens in 2003. Dil died in 2005 and Wynne in 2010.)

Click here to read Caroline Lawrence interviewing Elinor for The History Girls blog.

One Response to About us

  1. Paul says:

    Love the site – Great to read about how it all started. As a fellow Grecophile I am quite jealous. Like the photos – looks like you all enjoy yourselves. Hope your business continues to grow. Paul

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